Rachel Peters

Clay for me, as a medium, is creating at the most primal level and evokes feelings of the freedom of childhood creativity.  Making has given me purpose, brought peace back into my life, and helps to keep me calm and present.

I have always had a love of Art, beautiful architecture, and good design, but found my own creativity became buried in adulthood, and I embarked on a career in Social Work.  I eventually left this career and moved to my partner's home country of South Africa where my two children were born.  The energy and beauty of the landscape, and the people, rich in making and creativity, rekindled something in me.

When I returned to the UK, feeling somewhat lost and lacking in direction, I enrolled on a pottery class where I fell in love with the medium of clay.  When these classes stopped in the pandemic, I was forced to reassess my life.  Realising that life is too short not to pursue my passion, I set up a small studio in the house.

I make hand-built vessels and sculptures through coiling.  Hand-building gives me the freedom to create without restriction, allowing for more flexibility and experimentation.  It is slow, methodical, and meditative.

I am influenced by the simplicity, beauty, and craftsmanship of Danish design.  Famous for its clean lines, natural materials, and muted colours.  I enjoy the harmony of natural soft forms, biomorphic rounded shapes, and calm colour.

The focus of my work is form and texture.  Beautiful shapes that hold their own, without the need for decoration.  Working with a variety of grogged stoneware clays to create a muted colour palette and interesting surfaces.  I love the natural state of the clay, maintaining the connection to the material, and the appreciation of texture.

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